Side by Side Basic vs Pro settings/power

So, I’ve worked out with another GF founder to buy his basic the day it arrives (Friday). He isn’t able to use it without the air filter and some other reasons. I’m within driving distance, and the shore house in within ferry distance if he wants to come down sometime later and run something.

I already have a Pro - albeit for less than a week. I was planning to run some test samples for my pro this week to determine depth of cut for various speeds and powers. Am I going to have to do the same thing for the Basic because the power is different? And, keep two sets of “books” for settings? I may have just inadvertently shot myself in the foot.


The power and speed settings are supposed to be the same for Basic and Pro up to 100 power. Full Power, which is a selection and more than 100, will be considerably more for the Pro than the Basic.


I can work with that. Huge sigh of relief.


Don’t know anybody other than Staff that have tested side by side. I had a Pre-Release and now have a Production Pro. But my Pre-Release had a Pro tube in it.


These won’t be literally side by side. They will be in two houses an hour drive from each other. But for next three years I’m at one of those houses every other weekend. Being unable to laser for one day is already causing withdrawal pangs.


I feel that! (Really didn’t enjoy the Christmas holidays this year.) :smile:


You should try 2months separation !
The pain is growing, but still 5 weeks to go.:weary:


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