Sign and ornaments

I volunteer at a cat sanctuary and today we are having our volunteers Christmas party. Made a wall sign out of the large PG maple and also tried my hand at some snowflake “ornaments”. Wanted to see how small I could get the snowflakes and type. Turned out pretty good, still trying to get the mask off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great detail! Gorilla tape is helpful for removing stubborn masks. I always rub my fingers across the offending piece first to help lift a corner or slide a piece, then hit it with the Gorilla tape and it picks up all the pieces. :grinning:


Very pretty snowflakes, they look like flowers! :grinning:


They do don’t they - I need to cut out the wood shapes to make them more snowflaky

Nice job. The kitties are gonna love them!

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No, i like the flower effect. Everyone makes snowflakey snowflakes…those are unique! :grinning: