Sign and picture frame

A quick sign for the wife’s hairdresser on maple ply and a quick 6 x 4?photo frame with the name of the cat, this was on draftboard but just received my pg hardwood cherry so may recut


Well done!

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Hehe–love 'em both!

Read that as Hair Rapist. :scream:

Reminded me of the Analyst/Therapist. :wink:


…and never forget the " beautician not magician " ha! Always a favorite!

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Thank you… Now “Hair rapist” is all I see! Ha!

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Too clever! Ignoring the “Hair Rapist” trend :joy:

Yes it is! :smile:


Anyone need links to SNLs Celebrity Jeopardy skits? Pen is Mightier, Therapist, and other great purposeful mis-readings abound.


Okay, I think this is the first one they every ran back from 96. It became a yearly staple and fan ever favorite.

SNL Vid link

hmmm…that doesn’t seem to work well…
hang on…

edit: well, that link should work at least.

Oh that’s a hoot! “I’ll take swords for $400”… :rofl:

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blank stare
that’s not, swords. That’s words that begin with an “S”

And they had Burt Reynolds not recognizing “Cannonball Run”! :rofl:
(Who writes this stuff?)