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Hello! I’ve searched the topics and can’t find any examples for what I’m needing. I have a customer wanting me to engrave her coffee menu for her local ice cream shop. She wants it to have a stand permanently attached. The menu will be outside under a porch, so I will be using 3/4” wood to help with warping. It’s 12x16. I am looking for some advice on anything any of you might have made like this. Thanks!

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I would suggest using the two toned (thin) sign acrylic for the sign part, and tack it to the stand. (Could either do stand-offs or decorative studs if you wanted to go fancy.)

Easier to see and it’s completely weatherproof. (It’s made for signs.)

Example on the side of this soap dish of how it turns out when engraved:

If the stand part gets warped, she can replace it cheaply without having to redo the menu.


That would definitely be better to use, however she specifically asked for wood.

Oh. Well, wood it is then. (Might want to finish it with something … marine varnish holds up pretty well for a few years.)

Thank you!!

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