Sign work for the wife

Figured I’d throw something quick up here, as I love seeing what others are doing to get inspiration. This is really one of the greatest aspects of this forum.

We had found this a long time ago on the internet, and my wife loved it. Figured this was a perfect task for the glowforge.

Letters are the only thing made on the glowforge. 1/8" BB plywood using the proofgrade settings. Primed then coated in a ruby lacquer. 2 part Epoxied onto 1/2" BB plywood with 1/4" pine edge banding that was made on the table saw. Base was painted prior to glue up.

Results are pretty amazing. So precise and looks professionally manufactured. Wife loved it.

edit Probably going to get questions about how it was lined up. Because it was so big, I ended up having to cut a template out of cardboard, as the letters didn’t fit on one sheet of 12x20. Total size is 22"x30".


Love this particular sentiment. Looks really nice!


Nice work Will! The cardboard template is a good example of how easy a laser can make a workflow. :sunglasses: I imagine the WAF (wife approval factor) went up a few points!


Really nice job!

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Beautiful job. The ruby lacquer is very pretty as are the letter!

What a good-looking sign! The result looks quite professional - thanks for sharing your process.


Most excellent way to take technology and make it an intimate expression. :revolving_hearts:

Nice job dude!


Very nice work! Really pops!