Signs made


Organization in town wanted signs for all their rooms. Finally am done with the whole project! And, yes, the “p’s” stick above the other letters on the large sign…that’s how they wanted them! :flushed:


These are really nice signs.


That was quite a large commission! You did a great job on them.


Thank you! Now I have a 22’ wall to design for them :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent job. Impressive. :sunglasses:


Wow! Nice job. What materials did you use? Are the “arrows” in the background an inlay? It’s a cool effect.


I used birch sheets from Hm Depot and the “arrows” are engraved. Letters are cut from PG maple. Back layer is thick draft board stained with my permanent inks.
Small signs are PG maple, edges spray painted black.


Gorgeous signs! Well done!