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Awhile back I thought I read somewhere in the posts about being able to use silhouette files with the glowforge if you have the business addition now I can’t find it …does anyone know if it’s is possible to import the files in the glowforge if I upgrade… I hate to spend the $50 if I won’t be able to use it for my gf


The upgraded Silhouette designer edition software allows you to import and save SVGs that would work in the Glowforge. Whether or not it is worth it for you might needs some more details from others who use this workflow or crossover.

This topic might help you and you can tag folks who have commented in this topic to see if they have different views now after production shipping.


I do all my work in Silhouette Designer Business Edition. You need to have version 4 also. It opens SVGs and opens and allows me to save all of my old Silhouette designs as SVGs or PDFs. I find that saving as PDFs works best for the Glowforge. I’ve had some issues with SVGs not exporting rotations properly when put into the Glowforge.

One limitation to saving to these other formats is that any files purchased in the Silhouette Store cannot be saved to other formats. Those cut lines export as dotted lines when saved as SVG or PDF. Workaround is to use trace on those designs and use that for your new file.


The following site allows to to convert 10 files a day from .studio to .svg

Hope that helps.


I’ve only had my Glowforge since this past Monday and all I have used, so far, is my Silhouette Studio Business Edition. I save it to my hard drive as an SVG and import it into the UI with no problem. I’ve never posted a picture here…but I will try.IMG_1150


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I love your projects–they came out great!


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You chose a great one to start with! Lovely work.