Silhouette Cameo and Curio, Woot! Sale


The Silhouette Cameo and Curio are on sale at a good price for the bundle over on Woot today.

The Cameo is $160 for the fabric ink bundle, and $180 for the others.
The Curio is $160.


Ok cameo users…anyone use Corel Draw to import files into the cameo without the plugin?? How does it do on smal intricate designs??


The stock app will import all the common vector file formats. I mostly use it with the AI plug-in.

It does pretty good with the small stuff.


Awesome thank you. I read all the reviews but its always nice to get it from real people that respond…lol
I was given a nice endura cut vinyl cutter but unfortunatly it didnt come with the software that works with it so I was able to get it to work with Corel but its hard to position…I end up wasting too much product…
Too much trouble to fiddle with it…lol


I recently got a Curio and the CorelDraw plugin. I haven’t used it too much but it seems to do everything it is supposed to do. Being a CorelDraw user, I like that workflow a lot better than using the Silhouette Studio directly.


@sharonkaymehl. Thank you for sharing!.. I own a Sil Cameo since 2012, and now I ordered a Curio thanks to you! … something to play with until GF arrives!!..


I read the word endura cut, but for some reason the brand did not click… I have an old enduraCUT that I used as a pick and place way back in the day. Do you have the USB model of the RS232? (serial / 5 pin connector) Mine was the serial based unit. I ‘THINK’ I still have the box-o-crap that it came with. I can look and see if the CD is still in there.


I will check to see…:grin:


Well I just got in my new toy…something to keep me distracted…at least for now. :slight_smile:


Yes, the one I have is the dinosaur model…lol.
What cha want for the box of crap?? :grin::grin:
I contacted Signwarehouse and they were snooty about it and told me its unusable unless I buy another license for $500…I was like ah…no


I was able to get it to work…sort of, with another driver but its hard to line up the cuts…in Corel, the page set up is so that you actually have to place the graphic underneath the actual page space. I havent messed with it enough to make a template in Corel for correct placement…its just an annoyance…lol


I have to say that I love my Cameo and have used it a lot for many years. The software was pretty easy to get used to for me. I didn’t have any of experience with Corel and used Illustrator pretty long ago, but editing vectors came back to me. If you opt for the Designer Edition, (ugh, nickel and dime as usual) it can import SVGs and editing of the line color to set different cut parameters. When I do decals, I like to kiss cut the design and then set it to cut the bounding box all the way through. Just remember to set the color of the cut line - many SVGs seem to import with no color and could look like they won’t cut. I learned that the hard way with lots of cussing in the past.

Speaking of cussing, If you use the “Print & Cut” feature, leave a little more room around the cross hatched area shown on the software. I have tried to place things too close. Even though not overlapping that area, I’ve gotten mis aligned cuts. Wasted whole sheets trying to squeeze one more item on the sheet. Since I’ve backed off of that, I’ve had little to no problems with mis aligned cuts.

Lastly, the machine will eat through the Silhouette blades. Search Graphtec CB09 blades and holders. They take a little fiddling with to set the cut depth, but there is a good test function on the cut pane of the software. I almost always re-check before sending a final cut on more expensive materials.

Good luck with it! Again, I love it.


Thanks for the tips!!


That sounds like a great tip! (no pun intended) I ordered some up, thanks!


First project on the new Cameo…
Saw it on pintrest…my version is on the right…I wont sell these, but my older son (23year old) wanted one…lol


This deal is back on for anyone who may have missed it last time but is still looking to pick one up. I have spent all of my “fun money” through January on the Glowforge, so sadly it’s still a no-go for me unless the deal comes back around next year.