Silhouette of dancer and daughter

I made this silhouette as a gift for a new family. The mother is a ballet dancer and she’s holding her new daughter while warming up at barre. I used the super-matte Black 2.0 paint over draftboard for the silhouettes and walnut and maple plywood for the barre, frame, and background. This was a pretty simple project except for the process of cutting out the image in Photoshop, importing it into Illustrator, then creating and refining the outline. Here’s the photo that I used to create the silhouette.



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That is truly awesome. Great idea…putting it on the list…sigh…it’s a long list!

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Perfect rendering of an amazing photo!

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Such an elegant design!

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What a heart warming design … it’s beautiful. The picture is magnificent!

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Really beautiful!

very nice. I have dancers in my family. mother in law was prima ballerina, her locally.

and my youngest has danced for years.

Wonderful work!

Beautiful work

Very nice tribute and beautiful job. :blush: