Silhouette studio

Is there anyone that can tell me why i keep making designs and when I go to print glowforge tells me there is no printable area.

That generally means that the art you uploaded is not completely within the area that’s available based on the settings you’ve chosen. This can happen when any part of your art is over the grey bars - those bars become larger or smaller depending on how fast you have requested the laser-head go.

Also if your art has something that you’ve moved off to the side in your design program, but it’s all part of the same art, then it’ll need to be closer, or removed in order to be within that grey area.

If you post a picture of your full GFUI from the commands on the left to the name of your machine on the right, and/or your art, we would be able to answer for sure :slight_smile:

This may help you visualize:

I get that message when the design is too big or not in the cutting field. Try reducing the size (or only printing one section at a time) or moving the design.

Does it say no printable area or no artwork?

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