Silicon brushes

I got these a while ago at woodcraft. Used them today to glue up the post box project. They are flexible and are great at controlling the placement of glue I like the skew brush for cleaning glue out of corners. Just an FYI


Nice info, thanks!


Woodcraft is a dangerous store. I still remember going in for a router bit once and walking out with a lathe.


I bought a set of these a few months ago. I’ve finally got my “getting glue out of a bottle without making a mess” technique down, but like you I use this to scrape off excess glue.

The bottle trick by the way is buy an empty glue bottle on amazon with a fine nozzle you can cut to a narrow size. Wood glue nozzles on the shop bought glues tend to be a bit large I find.


These Gluebot bottles in the mini sizes are fantastic (available at Rockler, Woodcraft, Amazon, etc)


I’ve wanted those brushed since the first time I played with ceramics! I had no idea they would also sell them at a wood store :exploding_head:

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I think these would work pretty good too. I like that i can squeeze out the air to maximize shelf life.

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