Silicone baking mat retaining rings


In the aftermath of candy corn-making this weekend, I was washing and putting away our silicone baking mats. They’re a bit of a pain to store - don’t want to stay rolled up, and they’re rubbery, so it’s hard to slide them into boxes or bags. We’ve been rolling them up, securing them with clothespins, and shoving them underneath the rotating tray in our corner cabinet.

Not ideal, but it works. As I was putting them away, I thought of an easy improvement that the Glowforge makes possible. After about 3 minutes in Inkscape and 4 minutes on the laser I had these:

They now stay rolled up, and slide easily in and out of their storage location:

The file, if anyone wants it (3 different sizes of rings):



Nice solution! Simple, easy and effective. I’m also kinda freaked out by homemade candy corn! What, I didn;t know there was such a thing!?? It sounds amazing! Got a pic of the final product so I can drool?


Yessssssss! Practical solutions in the blink of an eye. Thanks for the file!


Such a good idea! I never know how to store these.


Love it! Gonna make some storage accessories.

P. S.


Alton Brown retweeted it (the highlight of my cooking career to date, and probably ever.)


I’m freaked out by how clean they all look. Mine have all become discoloured, no matter how much I clean them…


I love what you came up with…with the rings. Good thinking! I’ve often used paper towel tubes or oversized cardboard tubes from other things to store rolled things like this.


Oh, I am SO making some of these! :sunglasses::+1:



Now you need a curved rack to hold those mats (and the rolling pins) in place. :slight_smile:


There is a cooking specialty store close to us and my wife came home one day with a tub (butter bowl sized) of the inside stuff of Mounds bars…Nougat? Maybe…any way, OMG!, who would have known such a thing didn’t just fall down from heaven?!? Yum!


Thats awesome! Love the pink grey and yellow ones! Did you mean to do pencil nubs?? Lol


That’s so awesome, you have reached hero status Patrick!

Do they have they same flavor profile as the commercial ones? (I’d say the same taste, but I guarantee yours are better the the stuff in the bag.)


I imagine the difference is similar to the difference between store bought marshmallows and homemade ones. I made the Alton Brown marshmallows last year for Christmas and they were delicious.


They’re just all around better. Smoother, creamier, and vanilla-er. Of course you could add any flavorant you wish, which I may try next time. Maybe red-and-green with chocolate/mint for Christmas?


That is awesome. I’ve met him twice, and both times were awesome, but I would probably have a heart attack if he ever retweeted anything i posted.


Sometimes simple is the best solution. If only making candy corn were that straightforward (I can only imagine)!


He’s in DC doing his live show this weekend… and I’ll be out of town (in Seattle, actually.) Ah well, maybe next time.


He’ll be in my area next week. I am trying to change my schedule so that I can go.