Silicone watch band setting

I’ve had folks write me asking about the Apple silicone watch and settings and I thought this would be easier than a bunch of private replies. I know very little about it so can’t help much, but I do know where to get some great advice and settings for you. :slight_smile: @bufuteeth @slavikkrupka @dani71_24

A nice gal named Tiffani Kaylyn Link who is quite the authority on them is very generous with her help. I don’t know if she’s here on the forum, but you can find her on the Glowforge User Group on Facebook. (Just search her name and you find her videos etc. ) If you don’t want to join the FB group you can just start with her recommended settings. Other than this bit of info, I aint got nothin’. :smirk:


This is awesome thank you so much for posting this!

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