Silicone watch band setting

I’ve had folks write me asking about the Apple silicone watch and settings and I thought this would be easier than a bunch of private replies. I know very little about it so can’t help much, but I do know where to get some great advice and settings for you. :slight_smile: @bufuteeth @slavikkrupka @dani71_24

A nice gal named Tiffani Kaylyn Link who is quite the authority on them is very generous with her help. I don’t know if she’s here on the forum, but you can find her on the Glowforge User Group on Facebook. (Just search her name and you find her videos etc. ) If you don’t want to join the FB group you can just start with her recommended settings. Other than this bit of info, I aint got nothin’. :smirk:


This is awesome thank you so much for posting this!

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question: when you use these settings, does the laser produce a small flame when it strikes the silicone? I used your settings and they worked great, but every time the laser came in contact with the silicone I would see a flame. It obviously went away, but travels with the laser. Thanks for the settings!

These really aren’t my settings and I was just passing on good info from the gal I mentioned (Tiffani Kaylyn Link), but a small flame where the laser is hitting the material is perfectly normal for some stuff. The air-assist fan located under the head is there to minimize flames, so long as it’s working correctly you should be OK. (It should be blowing the flames towards the front of the machine.) I know “small” is subjective though, so I can take a look if you have a pic/video of the flame.


Do you happen to know the name of the FB group? I haven’t joined any but see there’s a few Glowforge groups.

Glowforge User Group (GUG). If you search Tiffani’s name you’ll find her posts about the bands.

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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