Silkscreening with Laserwolf!

Hi Guys! It’s been awhile…

I used my Glowforge to design a stencil-style silkscreen for a screen printing class I took with local designer Amun Levy. It worked like a charm!

You can check out the story on my blog.




Hopefully this sticks in my brain to use my GF to cut cardstock to make good stencils when i do silk screen–usually have to ink over the acetate sheets coming out of my printer since the ink can never get opaque enough for good screen exposure! (I don’t do a lot of screening very often, and I found the pre-emulsed sheets work really well for the small things I do).

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We did our project with no exposure whatsoever which made it even easier!

Great! Save steps/time/material!
What material was it? Did you use a squeegee or a roller to apply the ink?
Did you have to adhere the stencil to the fabric to keep all the edges down so the ink didn’t bleed underneath the stencil?

I used card stock, but I think would have been better served by a thinner stock. The rest of the process looked like standard screen-printing – An aluminum screen with #180 mesh and a squeegee. We even had the actual press. Check out the blog to see the whole process through photos.

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