Simple 2nd project


Didn’t have a baby mobile for my near 3 month old. So I of course had to make one. Daughters nickname is Eevee so went with a Pokemon one.


Those are awesomely cute! :grinning:


I like that.

I suspect color to draw the eye is a priority for the very young.
Everything they play with is bright and colorful at any rate.
Must be some reasoning to it.

Maybe some acrylic for the hanging chunks?


And if you want to add more pieces, you have 5 more evolutions :sunglasses: Eevee-Evolutions-Pokemon-GO


Nice! Just be sure it is out of reach…:crazy_face:


Thank you all very much! And brokendrum I believe you are correct! I will now be ordering the acrylic need to redo all of it! Thanks for the advice!
Also it’s is out of reach, but I fear the speed at which that will last.


As well you should. Just watch that kid for an insight as to what time is doing to you.