Simple Basket

I’ve gotten so much from the group so far with free svg files and advice that I wanted to give back. This basket has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but since I didn’t have the right saw, I was unable. Now with the Glowforge I can do it with ease.


Its so much easier for me to post my files on Discord. I’ve started posting all my .svg files on there so you’re more than welcome to stop by and grab what you’d like. Most of my stuff is nerdy, but this one was fun and super easy. Edit2: “Just react to the long welcome post to get into the Community and then look for #free-svg-files

Edit1: “If you need help with any of your own svg files, I make them live on Twitch on Wednesdays starting at about 9pm PST. Late for most, but I’d be happy to tackle your project if you’re struggling. Then I’ll post the file on Discord. Not looking to be paid, just good practice and fun.”

Edit 3: Updated the Discord link.


Good alignment. By eye?


Nice bowl but I’m not sure what I was looking at when I followed your link? None of it made any sense to me.

It’s a community platform such as Slack, where you can create different rooms with topics. Dink created his own chatroom and also shares the svg files on there. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I’ve never used that either. Unless someone can direct me to what he’s referring to, it seems very counter intuitive to me. I also don’t have a facebook account, have never tweeted anything and almost never send texts on my phone. Even though I have no problem using technology, most of the social media stuff seems like a huge drain on peoples time to me.



Kaatje is correct. I share the Discord with a couple of different communities that I’m building. To remove a lot of trolling that occurs online I have a welcome room. If you click on the little reaction emoji at the bottom of that big post it will open up the rest of the Discord. I’ve been making the svg files live on Twitch and then posting to the discord in the #free-svg-files section. I hope that helps clear it up. I’m not very good at explaining things sometimes.


It was all done by eye yes. It’s fairly easy with how the curves hit each other. Otherwise, I would be all over the place.

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Yeah using registration pins on this would be a bear. You could make a registration frame for it if you were making lots of them, but if you’re only doing a couple, you certainly seem to have nailed it without any help. Nice.


Thanks. There’s certainly a lot to learn. I’m a master CAD user so making files comes super natural to me. Tips like that are helpful for sure.

If anybody is struggling to make files, but have the ideas I’d be happy to play with the idea and make the svg.


Very nice dimensions that get the layers blending well.

For those who are new and might want more info on how to design these or in some cases not:

Lots of links to search through on scroll saw bowls.


I never even thought to look. It’s been an idea noodling around in my head for years and it just flashed in my mind that I could do it now with the Glowforge. Took me a little over an hour from design start to finished product. I was a carpenter for 2 years, woodworker for 6, and using CAD for 15.


I worked with a few of the woodworkers on the forum back in the early days figuring out how to design these. Lots of ways. But you have it down.


Thanks for sharing! I look forward to watching some of your videos. Seeing the creative (and technical) process is a great help.


Awesome. The more the merrier because we can all build and grow off each others strengths and creativity.


Thank you for sharing your file. Yours turned out nice.



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I had fun making these for a friend for Christmas. Thanks so much for the pattern and the creativity.


Those look amazing.

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thanks for this design! Ive been wanting to try one of these. Did one a little smaller using some cherry wood.


Looks great!!