Simple box with secret compartment ~ plans available?

I’m looking to help a friend make a small box with a hidden compartment for her daughter’s Christmas. The secret compartment needs to be large enough to hold a phone.

Any ideas? I’ve looked on instructables, thingaverse, and and of course here on the forums, and so far I have come up with one pattern that is more complicated (marquetry) than I would like to tackle.

All help appreciated

You said simple, so this one doesn’t count. It had me mesmerized though…


How about a very simply box with a false bottom? Use very strong magnets in the four corners to keep the bottom in place. Use engraving and misdirection with a “fake” gift to distract from the difference in size.


Yep. That was 12 minutes of “wicked cool” :smiley:


Dustin’s videos are great! I’ve followed him for a couple of years now.

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