Simple circular earrings

Here is some simple circular earrings I made for some Christmas gifts this year

. They were a big hit at all of the family get togethers.


These are lovely! I am a newbe with jewelry findings. How does that fat ring respond to being pulled apart enough to add all the rings? And if you donā€™t mind sharing where did you get the fat ring?


The fat ring there is just a jump ring, I canā€™t remember the size right off hand. It went back together very easily. I get them from Hobby Lobby or from Amazon.


You may know this already, but just in case. I didnā€™t when I first started. If you think of it not as pulling apart but twisting the ends side to side, you are not deforming the circumference of the ring but on just a minor deviation on the plane of the ring. @cynd11ā€™s husband gave me a tutorial on that. This video is not him.:wink:


That is helpful thank you.


Those are cool. I keep wanting to do earringsā€¦ so tedious in assembly though. (Need to get over myself on that.) This would be a cool necklace design as well. (Gift set!) :smiley:

I just learned about that ā€˜twistā€™ tip myself a few weeks ago. Good tip.


Nice video! I just made about 20 pairs of dangler earrings last week and just used the pliers to close the ring. I was wondering what that tool was for :). My method worked pretty well, but itā€™s nice knowing the correct way.

Those earrings are really nice! Thanks for sharing them

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The necklace design is a great idea! Will definitely make it in the future!

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Very pretty! :grinning:

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These are really nice. Very stylish!

THANK YOU for this inspiration that has been in my head for a long time now. I FINALLY posted up the first draft results in my creations threadā€¦ (Crafty Cretin - Things I made)


Too cute:-)

Thank you for the video! I ordered 2 of those rings for curbside pickup!! I have cut earrings for my mom to give her card playing friendsā€¦and this ring will be awesome to help her with putting the jewelry findings on them. I am keeping the other oneā€¦interesting thingā€¦either a different brand or this woman has fingers 1/2 the size of mine (and I usually wear a size small gloves)! I can only put that ring on my pinky finger!! Againā€¦thank you ā€¦ will make it so much easier to put together earrings!