Simple coin bank

I really meant to learn how to use fusion 360, but I am getting faster at illustrator right now. My biggest problem is the lack of parametric slots.

I really like how this box turned out with bamboo. The only issues I had with it was the masking I used pulled some of the grain off and it did not engrave evenly. But that is the nature of the material.

I have been using rubber bands for holding boxes together while the glue is drying. But the other day I liked how it looked and made one that uses bands to hold it together. It is very stable and easy to store flat.


I wouldn’t recommend this for people wanting to keep there money safe. It is much easier to get into then these…


A great box for storing all kinds of things, not just coins! I like the flat pack idea.

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I can color code them too! I bought these.


I like the band idea! :grinning: