Simple cut

newbie here…how do I just cut a simple shape out and then engrave on it…
are there any basic tutorials that I can find? I have searched youtube but they are all for the veterans out there. TIA

Start here:


Do you have a program to create SVG files? That’s how you can create shapes to cut.
Inkscape is great free option, and you can create the shape, and “import” an image, such as a jpeg, that you want to etch and place it within the shape & save it. And then you upload that file, and make sure in the GFUI it’s showing two separate items, and the shape is CUT (sometimes mine show up as score) and the design is Engrave.

Or just load them separate files, and using the arrow, move the files to position the etched image with the shape for cutting…

thank you so much for helping me! I am going to give it a try! Happy Holidays!

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