Simple enclosure for electronics

Not particularly ambitious or exciting, but I have a piece of electronics test gear (frequency/waveform generator) that is assembled from a kit, and comes only with front and back acrylic panels. My bench is constantly a jungle of wires and tools, so I didn’t want to risk something poking at the (formerly) exposed circuit board, so I made a simple wrap-around enclosure - box with single tab corners. It’s chipboard because it’s good enough, and I don’t need to spend $ on PG acrylic to cover this.

I guess file under “practical cuts” for EEs…


Good job on that!

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I like it, simple and effective.

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Well done, right tool for the job…

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Nice, looks like you covered the need!

Glorious. That’s basically the only reason I wanted a laser cutter. Ironically I’ve barely made any enclosures.


I watch Marco Reps and GreatScott and am so interested in these electronic kits and gadgets. I know I don’t need them, but boy do the make a statement!

Nice works.