Simple Fidget Toys



My wife came up with a fun idea. We took skateboard bearings and we made spinners around them with some weights on the ends. They are fun little toys to keep your hands busy. Usually the challenge with this sort of thing is keeping things centered and symmetrical

. The Glowforge made that a whole lot easier.


A little video of them in action.


That is simply the boltiest. Want.


This is fantastic! I will definitely do be doing some of these for fun!


Hmm could these be weaponized? Haha obviously kidding (maybe).


Wasn’t there a movie about that?


ah ah. i see what you did there. way to be a man of your word :wink:


Nice job @Kallisti nothing more fun than a well crafted “do nothing” machine. This forum is doing a lot to shift my prejudices about plastics.


Yes @takitus! KRUUUUULLLLL!


In fact, I’m going to make a replica Krull weapon on the GF!


Yes! :eight_pointed_black_star:


Whoa! This is super cool. I have got to make a few of these for my 8 yr old daughter. She’s gonna love it


Oh the love of grade B- sci-fi movies.

So bad that you have to love them :dizzy_face:


I’d love to do something like this. I have a dozen or so Rollerskating bearing with no idea what to do with them. THIS is an excellent idea. Did you create the plans or did you find plans for these online somewhere?


I know a lot of people who could use something like this. Great idea!


Fun! Hey how’d you fix the bearings to the acrylic? If it’s just a snug fit, I’ll be blown away.

My wife saw someone with one and we came up with the designs ourselves.


It is just a snug fit. :slight_smile: However, we did epoxy them in when we were satisfied with the results.


These things are all over the net. Have been for a month or two now. You can find some on thingiverse for sure


Thanks! I’ll definitely look them up once I can start making my own stuff! I just wanted to make sure I could find something. While eventually I’ll be able to make my own designs and stuff, I want to start with something that is a known good design, and then I can focus on learning the laser, then I can start making customized things. It’s just like learning something new, if you learn it bit by bit, you’ll be better in the long run.