Simple frame with acrylic scraps (precision alignment)

Very simple frame from scrap acrylic (ear-saver leftovers.) There are 3/16" wide runners along each edge of the wood piece, behind the face frame.

The point to this thread is to showcase how you can squeeze every last piece out of scraps. The side rails were easy, cut from the left-edge of a full sheet…

… but for the top and bottom, I was able to get it closer than 1mm! These were leftovers from before I started shifting the sheets to cut right up to the lower edge, so I could then print an entire row from the inch I saved along the top.

End result:


Excellent use of scrap!

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A project after my own heart. I’ve still got scraps left from April of 2017.


Great post. I have many skeletons from cuts in stock and would never cut a small part from a piece larger than required. That is what makes accurate camera alignment so much fun.


Seeing posts like this makes me feel better for keeping all the scrap that I keep haha


I am so looking for pieces made by fitting earsaver end scraps of different colors together, With such a great interlocking design it would be such a shame even if everyone knew where they came from.