Simple Gift Tags from Scrap Wood

Well, I’m a terrible procrastinator so I waited until the last minute to create some gift tags from scrap.

I made a quick video on how I made them will illustrator if you are curious and also a procrastinator like me.

You can download the SVG that I created too from the video description.


But but but, I thought you bought the gift tags… I don’t wanna goto the store again…
Hey what about…?



I got another video coming in a week or so where my daughter says she needs popsicle sticks for a project for her next virtual class that starts in 30 mins. So I quickly design the sticks and cut them on the Glowforge.

True Story. Happened last week. I was already in the car ready to head to Dollar Tree to buy some when I realized I could use the GF. :slight_smile:


I made gift tags for my daughter’s friend’s gifts, this way they’re a keepsake (hopefully).


This is along the line of when you got a hammer everything looks like a nail.
You can buy a 200 lot of Popsicle sticks for 5 bucks There are even colored options.
Be faster taking a panel of wood and scoring it to look like sticks.

No matter. Great holiday tags. There is a reason we all hoard scraps.


However, there are several benefits to making your own:

  • save all that diving time and avoid dealing with foul tempered holiday shoppers
  • who needs 200 Popsicle sticks when you only require a few?
  • daughter can say, “my dad made these for me!”

For me it was mainly the time constraint since my daughter sprung it on me about 30 minutes before her class. Driving would have taken longer in this case.

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I think this was better even with or without time. You were once again your daughter’s HERO I think this is the best story.