Simple heart shaped box


Simple and quick. Works in 1/8 birch. I glued the ends that go into the dent in the heart (i.e at the end s of the flexy parts) together first at a 90 degree angle, this seemed to make wrapping it around the top and bottom easier. this design creates an extra heart that can be added to the top for a more decorative look.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Very cute!


Thank you for a very timely design.

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Thank you for this timely file.

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Hi there im a newbie…how do i download this

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Right click on the drawing in the first post and choose Save Image, or Save As.


Adorable - and so very timely! May have to print one and put some chocolates in it or something…

If anyone needs to make one with different material and needs a head start go here.


that is where I started on this one as well. Made the tabs bigger and farther apart vs default.
Tweaked it to fit on one sheet.

That living hinge is a pain in the %^%#! But it is a nice box!

yep, this one ran into a section of extra tough plywood that did not cut all the way. you can see in in the photos where the hinge is distorted.

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Great Share! Love this!

Cool design. Thanks for sharing. Just a question, is that living hinge bowl in the back one of the designs on here? I think I’ve downloaded it but haven’t tried it yet. Do you have to put it together piece by piece?

i do not believe that i have shared that design. It is one sheet, that makes 3 pieces, the 2 - part stand and the center basket. Sometimes, I add words to the spiral. Other times, no. This is one of my favorite designs and some of my early work that made me think I might be able to make some $$ at this. I sold a few to a famous museum. Later, observed them in their gift shop. they have yet to re-order.

walnut bowl alice


I love this box thank you for sharing!

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Thank you very much. Love hearts!

Thanks for the share - the box turned out so well!

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