Simple House

Enjoy this simple house design. Designed it in Inkscape using the tabbed box-maker add-in.

My wife teaches 1st grade and is doing faux gingerbread houses with her kids. 3mm birch plywood accepts the frosting very well, though I cannot recommend it for eating.

The small squares arround the windows are score lines. The large rectangle is a base for the kids to put lots o’ candy on. All of the parts (except the base) snap together without glue.


6 down, 15 more to go!!!


Nice. Seems like it’s 90% of the way to a birdhouse too.

You can resize the uploaded svg by editing the post and changing the dimensions in the tag, just put a couple of zeroes after each number (it’ll say something like 45x30, just makes that 4500x3000 or something).


Beautiful. Thank you. I was wondering about that.


Very cute! I like the little rounded door…gives it style!

What an adorable little house, thanks for sharing your design!

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Thank you! I really like the slanted walls for that true gingerbread house feel.

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Thank you for sharing. The kids will love this.

Thanks for this design, and thanks for enriching the school experience for your wife’s students.

So very cute!

Thank you everyone. I am convinced that the Glowforge User Forum is the nicest place on the Internet.


Awesome!! I used to do gingerbread kits with my daughter’s after school class, and they showed no restraint with either icing or the candy. Just mountains of it everywhere, until you didn’t really know if there was a house under it or not!


LOVE THIS! but I can’t seem to find the link?

Thank You! I know…dumb newbie…but do I upload this png into inkscape?

Don’t save as .png, save as .svg. If your browser does not give svg option you need to use a different browser.

Thank you for this file, it saved the day when my 4y/o daughter wanted a last minute bird house “to capture a tiny bird.”


She has a bright future as a decorator.

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Love this. Thank you for sharing.

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nice job

I have a friend who has been getting these xmas village stuff that light up, super fancy, super proper… so i added to it. ! (rat on the roof, dumpster fire out back, bathroom drawling on the wall. 20201226_120629|375x500

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