Simple inlay

Very nice! Love the teal.

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There ya go… I only use Inkscape …and though I’m not 74 I’m old enough to have used card punch !


I did too. First in high school because we had some IBM sorting machines and then later in my first real job because the boss liked to help out. We were running CRTs and coding in green screen editors and he’d be trying to show how supportive he was and would be hunched over a card punch. We’d spit our code over to an automated punch in the computer room and get back a box of cards. He could put his deck in where it belonged in ours and we’d run the job. Always worked the first time! (We’d get the results back & fix them online and resend it before kicking out a print run that he’d get to see how things were going :grin:)

I was bad. I’d slip them into the production job queues where they’d go lightning fast because of the priority but they had to be clean or the operators would notice if they threw an error. It really increased my throughout though so I got more done faster. If anything hit the fan I think they ignored it because of my productivity.