Simple jewelry cuts in a variety of acrylic

I’ve been selling my stuff at events for a long time and the biggest event of the year (Emerald City Comicon) is coming up this week, so I have a fun variety of acrylic jewelry lined up to assemble and thought I would show off a small variety of acrylics even if it’s super simple stuff. I’m a huge fan of acrylic and always want to contribute to showing off what can be done with it and what exists :heart_eyes:


Love acrylic and what you do with it.


I really like acrylic. So much fun being able to pump out your ideas so easily! :sunglasses:


Yeah, those little goodies probably sell really well too…smart to have them available.


Rebel Scum would be a fun keychain!


Nice collection! Good luck with the Comicon.


Looks like you have dialed in the perfect settings.


Very fun assortment!

Love! What is the gold foiled acrylic called?

I nearly always use the standard medium proofgrade acrylic settings for cuts, often red because it’s top of the list. I sometimes need to up the power for glitter acrylic but it works for most acrylics I use. And I do use custom settings for engraves and some scores. I really appreciate the simplicity of the proofgrade acrylic cut setting working on nearly anything since I make so much on so many different acrylics :joy:

That’s just gold glitter acrylic, I think this sheet was from inventables. They are great when I need fast, consistent, fairly fun acrylic even though they are not the cheapest. They have a good assortment of glitter acrylics.

Ooo, unless you mean the gold mirror, I just realized that could be what you mean. The gold mirror acrylic I get in 12x24 inch sheets from a few different sources and get it cut to size at my local tap plastics because it’s so much cheaper for me, but you can get it at Inventables as well. Any mirrored acrylic (it comes in many colors) you are gonna want to paper mask on the front and back before cutting. It’ll come out wonky otherwise.