Simple Keychain, Day 1, Pro


tl;dr; love the machine so far.

Unpacked, set up. Realized there was no exhaust tube included, went to home depot bought crappy/too short exhaust tube but it works, ordered better solution with cutoff gate (to minimize moisture and cold when not in use) from amazon, warmed up let calibrate, cut ruler.

Started in on this for amusement. This is the third version - just played with it a bit in illustrator and then in the app for glowforge to get layering right. Was transferred to glowforge app as SVG. The app seems to parse the same file/image multiple ways at different times which is weird.

Proofgrade, medium weight draftboard, glowforge pro, Total cut time = 30 mins with engrave light, engrave dark, score deep and cut passes.

Anyway, short version of feedback:

  1. I had no vent tube in the box with my pro
  2. the proofgrade materials are wonderful - super fast and easy to have all settings right.
  3. the reinterpretted the same exact SVG in multiple ways on multiple uploads - and when I left and came back to it it had changed again. I assume some software updates were shipped? interesting.
  4. the machine is quieter than I expected
  5. the machine’s fan is more powerful than I expected - the exhausted material is sucked away very nicely so far
  6. the machine is lighter than I expected
  7. the passthrough slots are soooooooooooo thin (I know - I’ve read about it - just was sad to see in person how thin… but it’ll work for now ;-).
  8. the machine is slower than I’m used to with the motors (i.e. used to epilog or universal costing much more - and I know they are optimized right now around the regular not pro version and I know time and data and new code from the cloud service will see continual improvement.


You’re the second person I’ve seen today reporting no duct hose. Must be a new guy working in packaging.


So you are saying they got hosed.


Just in regards to the hose, I seem to recall that being in the box with the honeycomb, but I could be wrong. (Amazing how fast the memory goes.)


Unhosed? Dehosed?


Always nice to hear first impressions! Glad you’re up and running. Looking forward to future posts of all your projects!


Chuckle! Project looks great! :smile:


I really like what you did on that keychain. It’s like you printed a 4-color thing on paper stock. I’m really impressed with all of the variation in color in this one piece.

Really good feedback too. Congrats on getting your Glowforge!


Thanks for the feedback! Cool 3D effect on the keychain - can’t wait to see what’s up next :slight_smile: