Simple little engraves from an old county atlas

I know these are just plain’ol engraves, I’m still enamored with my GF and the things it can create. :hearts: I was able to manipulate and clean the yellowed book images enough to get some lovely engravings. (It’s hard to see in my cruddy cellphone pics, but the little words at the bottom of the sheep picture are so crisp and clean.)

I used a bit too many pews and lost a little detail, but it actually worked well with the sheep and gave it a more graphic-y appearance. It wasn’t as effective with the Starr Mill picture though and I’ll likely try that one with a little less power

(Basswood ply from Hobby Lobby/full speed/full power/340 LPI/vary power)


Wow. Not Baaaaaad at all! Actually quite good !!!(Ewe did well !) :ram:


You are so freaking good at this!


Wow you really transformed something that just seems like a simple print into something I’d actually like to hang on my wall. Great eye for this stuff.

And @PlGHEADED those were terrible. Keep up the good work! :laughing:


Nothing to add beyond what the gang has said! They’d look great on the wall of a country kitchen. :grinning:


Full… pro? Or full basic? Really nice. :slight_smile:

I’m not so keen on the photo-on-wood look, but these old prints just lookright. Nice work!

Those look seriously amazing! I’m still toying around with some settings for an image I’ve been trying to engrave but I doubt it’ll look as good as this!

Don’t know about others, but I have found (with a PRO) that switching to manual after setting up for the 3D engraving I can make it 100 power instead of the apparent default of FULL.
FULL seemed to have no real appearance difference from about 60% grey to 100%.
Maybe it is not suppose to do this and mine is broken, dunno.
But I am happy with switching it to 100 instead of FULL, so it matters not.


Ha! There ain’t nothin’ plain about them. They turned out very nice. Simply beautiful. Seeing these inspires me to get back to g-forging.

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Love the photo of the mill especially!

These are amazing!