Simple Logo Items

We’re trying to come up with inventory to raise money for the sailing kiddies. A few bucks at HomeGoods and we’ve got a start.

I know. It’s not rocket lasering, but still cool.


How did you get them to be perfectly lined up each time? I find my camera and interface aren’t exact by a few millimeters.

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First…I obsessively measure thickness with my digital caliper. The darker toned ones were the thicker ones that I failed to measure thickness for first, so they were less focused.

Second…my Glowforge Pro has been remarkably accurate if I get my thickness right. Sure, it may be off a millimeter or so, but not really more than that.



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LOL, I bought that exact same set off of Amazon. I lasered some funny cooking-related slogans on them, and they are one of my wife’s Christmas gifts this year.


Related but not related. I’m going to be making some sailing trophies for our pram sailers this summer. (SCYC)

Do you happen to know if modern sail cloth is laser safe? I want to cut some small sails for models sail boats from old sails. I will see if I can find the MSDS sheet - but just thought I would toss it out here, just in case someone already has the answer. I know they use lasers in a modern sail loft to cut complex sail designs, but not sure that is the same as my home forge.

Our sails are typically Dacron. I think Opti sails are Dacron as well. I looked up Dacron and it looked laser safe to me. I did some tests with a piece of an old MC-Scow sail. It doesn’t mark well, but cuts cleanly. Like paper, you don’t want to cut lines too close together. Shouldn’t be a problem with your application. Smart to check material safety for your sails.


I was testing for some ideas that we have for SailZing lesson materials and art projects and trophies.


Cool, Thank you - I’ll pass your SailZing site along, we have a large competitive youth program. We don’t have e-scows at our club, I race something called a Lightning. Thanks i’ve got a ton of old North sails that Will be great for some glowforge projects.

Awesome! Thanks. We’re proud to have some amazing sailors come from our club. They all started in the Opti program. Can’t wait to see what you create.

If you have great sailors who want to supply input for, let us know. We’re always looking for more contributors.

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sailbyc, I just got the email my unit will be shipping. Already got the tracking number for proofgrade materials. I just wanted to say Hi since I am also a sailor, home club Delavan. Nice to know someone else who has been using a Glowforge. Say Hi to Candace. Merry Christmas.

Awesome! We’ll have to connect offline!

Great way to raise some sailing funds!

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I find that quite stirring! :slightly_smiling_face: