Simple Pleasures in the Forum


Does anyone else get a little happiness out of their day when they see a post at 9 likes and adds the 10th one? I feel like I’m handing out the “Nice Reply” badges to those people.

Also, any time I see the likes ending in a ‘9’ I like to add 1 more to it to make it a round number. But it doesn’t quite go so far as to make me want to remove my like if I’ve previously liked something and now it ends in a “1”. I’m thinking that is what prevents me from thinking that I might be OCD :wink:


I do that all the time… - Rich :grin:


Wow, I was just going to start a thread with this title on this subject when this popped up!

I don’t collect badges and tell myself that they don’t matter but yes, the “Nice Reply” ones are pleasing. This morning I found a new badge. The first one I’ve gotten that a brazilin others didn’t already have.

Thank you all of you that contributed to me getting it.

Oh, and I’m not going to say what it is. That would be bragging. :grin:


LOL, sorry to steal your thunder. I had FINALLY gotten through the weekend’s posts and was happily sending out my likes for the day and figured that others might also be “looking” for the ones to bump up to 10 likes to “give” that person the Nice Reply badge.

In my head when I hit that 10th like button I’m calling out “I AM THE BADGE MAKER, I GRANT YOU A BADGE”, but then I remember where I am (at work) and I keep that voice tucked inside me, but I still grin a bit as I do it.


So whadya get? :wink:
Curiosity is the bane of my existence. Chuckle!


LOL guys, this is only the third topic I’ve had that received the “Nice Topic” badge. I find this to be quite ironic :wink:


You are one of only 14 that has the gold “Admired” badge.
And you have a Great Topic! I still don’t have that one


I think it is well deserved. Great work and thanks for being so active on the forum. :relaxed:


Now if we just had an “irony” badge…


The thing about it is who are the 13 before me. I am literally giddy to be considered with the likes of these!



Hmm. Looks like that list includes someone with a pre-release Glowforge and someone who was offered a pre-release. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.


Yup, be pretty of proud of that badge…I got it second… after @dan :smile:


Stuff like this always makes me feel totally squirrelly…I didn’t even know I had one…I never bothered to scroll down to the yellow badges at the bottom. :neutral_face:

@johnwills comment tipped me off to go look. ROFL!

Looks like I’m Empathetic too…that’s not a surprise given how many times I run out of likes on a regular basis. :smile:


And now I’m having to go read all the badge descriptions to see what’s available… :sweat_smile:

This is addictive.

Dang it!


Oh John, don’t toy with my emotions like that! :smile:


Well, there are a few others ahead of you but some of them are outside the US so, who knows?


Irony is getting a nice reply on the reply where you are thanking folk for a badge…


Uhh, uhh…are we playing Badges? I’ll see your gold Admired, and raise you a “Crazy In Love” badge… :laughing: - Rich


I just now ended yours with a ‘1’…but I don’t exactly like that odd number, either. :relaxed: