Simple Protractor


I pulled down an SVG from Wikipedia, and replaced the text with single stroke fonts via the Hershey Text extension for Inkscape. Needed one this morning and didn’t want to go out to buy one, so I figured I’d share.

The inner ticks, outer ticks and numbers are all different colors so you can use draft score on the inner ones. I’d suggest High Quality Score on the numbers. Then cut on the outside (and little hole at the bottom)

This would have been nice on the acrylic I’m sure, but we didn’t have any at the ready. (8.6 KB)


Nice design! I need to make one, I can never find my protractor when I need it. Thanks for sharing! :grinning:


Oh hey, that’s very useful—thanks!


Extreme welcome, thanks!


I will have to make one myself.


Thank you.
That would take me a day or two, as I’m an 8-thumbed baboon of a designer.
Quite useful.


Thank you!


I seem to have a surplus of these from when the kids were in school … still … this one is way cooler!