Simple star shaped box - using new tools

This was just a test, but it was a really fun way to try using some new free software.

I received my Pro a little more than a week ago and I just found a new tool for putting tabs onto designs. I wanted to test it out, so I ripped open an Amazon shipping box, opened up Inkscape and drew a quick star and few rectangles.

After breaking all of the shapes into individual line segments (see this how to) I then opened up this amazing tool called Joinery.

The software is run in browser and it is here.

The instructable showing how to use it is here

It allows you to select two edge and make them “joined”. Then you get to set how you want them joined. In my case I used Finger Joints, but if you wanted to make it out of leather and have hemmed edges with precut thread holes, there is an option for that. I can’t wait to try it out on leather.


Nice! And Bookmarked for when my GF comes… How is the pro?


I saw that software but never really saw it in action, so thanks for that! You’ve pulled together a nice bunch of instructions.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing! (out of likes already)

Another thing to add to my ‘to do’ list.

I really like it. As everybody says “it is much bigger than I thought”. I was able to lift it solo, but that was a bad idea. I just didn’t have anyone around.

The engraves are very detailed. I’ve used an Epilog laser before, and I liked how you could preset different power/speed settings ahead of time. I have not learned how to do that yet, so each line type I have to set manually (i’ve not used the Proofgrade, saving it for something special). The passthrough is nice for cutting in the middle of longer sheets. The auto recognition is not on yet.

I live in the California Bay Area, so the extra cooling has not come into play, but I expect it to give me a longer service life on the tube.


That feature is still on its way.

Cool! :grinning:

Feel free to lie to the machine and select medium maple for an eight inch Baltic Birch board for example. The machine doesn’t care and you get the settings. Test first then have fun