Simple Sticker Board

Since we started sharing our projects on the internet, we learned quickly that maker stickers were a big part of the community. Slowly, we sticker swapped with other makers via snail mail and accumulated a small pile. It wasn’t until last week that we had a problem!

We just came home from a conference called WorkBenchCon - "A convention for diyers, makers, influencers & bloggers discovering new techniques, products and skills all while learning how to take their businesses to the next level" .

This convention was one of the best experiences of our lives. We got to meet with many of our Instagram friends as well as meet some of our idols! This convention gave us a huge problem though…too many stickers .

Stickers have always frightened us weirdly enough. Their permanence is not something we want in a house we don’t plan on staying in forever. We knew there had to be a better way to display these stickers in a nondestructive, removable way. That’s when it dawned on us… MAGNETS .

But where would these magnets going to go? The fridge? There is not nearly enough room for them and we don’t want our fridge to become insanely cluttered. So we thought more about it and it became clear that the best way to showcase these amazing makers was to frame them in our workshop.

For the entire build, check out the Instructable

I recommend checking out ALL of the makers featured on our board but if you want to focus on just us for now, here’s our links:

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Nicole C - When Geeks Craft


I have a literal bag of stickers that I keep on saying I’ll put on my car - but I’m going to get a new car…eventually…it’s been years.
This is a lovely idea!


I was getting ready to say I would NEVER put a sticker on my car. I think they just look tacky… Then I realized I did a color change vinyl wrap… So technically I put a sticker on my ENTIRE car and totally blew my theory out of the water. :smiley:


omg thats wild!!!

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I feel you…i cannot get myself to put a sticker on my car. magnet is MUCH easier



My cars get used hard, stickers are the least of their problem :stuck_out_tongue: