Simple Test Tube Vase

Here is the file for the two versions of Vases. One is 3mm lite ply, the other is for the 1/8" Proofgrade acrylic sheet.

Is uses 25mm Diameter x 200 mm long test tubes. These are popular with the cigar aficionado crowd, and available on Amazon as well.

I got mine from a guy that does Civil War Re-enactments. Basically an excuse to get together, drink beer, eat baked beans, camp out and BS. And they smoke cigars. (I am a non-smoker myself…)


Don R.





The Acrylic version.



Final Try on the Acrylic version.


Well. I’m trying to get the file downloaded. I’m a noob when it comes to forums.

I see you seem to be having some difficulty, perhaps if you create a zip file and post it instead? Definitely a cool project.

A lovely bud vase! Thank you!

Thanks so much for sharing this.

What a lovely fluted shape! Thanks for the file.

Me too.

You can right-click on the file > save as > zipped, then just drag and drop here.