Simple Wand Stand

Just wanted to share my first from scratch design. It’s a simple wand display and should fit all the Universal wands as well as any custom wand 12" or longer. Lots of room to pretty it up and customize it!



Very nice. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing.

I made some wands for my youngest children and my grandchildren last year on the wood lathe…This would have been a great companion piece! Nice job, and thanks for sharing!

I used your design for my sons new wand he got at Christmas. It worked perfectly and we love how it turned out. He is 7 and really wanted to help glue it so we ended up with his fingerprint right on the front but I’m hoping to find something to get it off eventually… Thanks for the file!


Excellent, and maybe the fingerprint adds something rather than detracts.

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He has bonded with the wand. This gives extra potency to spells.