Simple Welcome signs for friends

Decided to make Welcome signs for a couple of friends over the weekend. Something quick and simple.
I cut them out using Birch Plywood and painted them white as they both have dark wood colored doors and I wanted them to pop. I mixed my love of my Glowforge with the love of using Sola wood flowers on this project and I love that I can customize both to my projects color scheme.
These are 19hx11w.
Simple but beautiful…


Very pretty!

Beautiful project.

Interesting. Not sure of the rest of the country but cassava roots are common in any grocery in Florida, and pretty cheap. Once you had peelings the Glowforge could make some beautiful shapes.

I’ve never heard of sola wood flowers, but they sure are pretty!

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I absolutely love this!

Very nice. Clean designs and look great

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These are super cute!

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