Simpler Vector Drawing Program?

Hey all. I teach an engineering class and I usually teach them the basics of Adobe Illustrator. We typically do simple shapes - nothing on the illustration level. I like illustrator, but just seems that it is way overpowered for what we need. Also, students somehow manage to mess up their drawing even if drawing simple shapes. Is there a simpler vector drawing program out there that you would recommend? Thanks in advance!

Inkscape is simpler than Illustrator - and folks on here have also mentioned something called Vectornator which (I believe) is app based, and Vectr which is online only…


Inkscape is simple to use but quite powerful.

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If you’re using Apple products, Affinity Designer is awesome.

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I haven’t used anything but InkScape, so I can’t compare, but I can say that picking up InkScape and ramping up with no background in graphics or art or drawing or finger-paints was surprisingly straightforward.


Sure-Cuts-A-Lot for Mac or PC, for the vinyl cutting folks, does a surprisingly good job and runs about $60. It exports svg vector files.

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