Simplistic Key Fob

I wanted a fob for my spare key, so made a default design (1.25 x 2.25) that art can be added to.
This file is not needed for those in the know, but for some that are just getting into this it will be something you can add some art to and burn that may give you some joy.
There is no art inside these base-fob designs, just an outer edge highlight that can be scored or removed.
So add text or art to suit the project and the rest should just happen.

The hole is made for a chicago screw as shown in the picture, and the included TAG (key ring attachment) was made from some flexible 0.030 plastic, but I suppose some thin leather would work just as well.

Fob itself is Proofgrade Draft Board, but can be on anything. I may even play with one or two on 2-color acrylic later, (since the wife saw this and made her thinking face).

No need to make the tag if you are just going to put a key ring or other attachment right into the hole.
I just made the tag to keep it looser on the key ring and use up some of these chicago screws I have piling up.
Samples pictured are a nominal full size and one that I shortened for a smaller graphic.
Both the scallop and curve edge + tag are included in the ZIP

Hope this is helpful for someone. (3.3 KB)


Nice! If I 'd had one of those I wouldn’t have lost my house key last week. :roll_eyes:


Actually the same reason here.
It is my spare key for the truck that I give when it is being serviced and it kept disappearing in the drawer.
NOW it is easier to find.


Chuckle! I still have no idea where mine is so I’m going to have to have a couple cut. They will be tagged when I do. :smile:


Good one! A classic design —thanks!

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Super cool of you to share a design. :slight_smile: I keep thinking I should make key fobs for all the various keys in my key drawer (it’s a mess in there).

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Very nice share. So many times a person new to the Glowforge doesn’t have any software experience, and wants to make something. Everyone can use a key fob!

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