Since we seem to like discussing 3D printers

Found this really cool - a technique to enhance the regular FDM printing to create some really cool effects


Very cool!!! I love this!


Cool! There are all kinds of things that you can do in theory that don’t fit the usual paradigm of exactly one slice of object at a time. (My version of this is limited to printing integral hangers for christmas-tree ornaments…)

gotta make a Bigfoot now! haha! Thanks for the link!


Wwaaaouuu excellent procces and good technical

That’s something I’m going to try after fine-tuning my A8 :grinning:

That is very clever!

Wow, that’s an awesome idea! I can’t wait for Glowforge to pay for itself so I can get a new toy(to make new toys!)!

I had to make a new rule for myself.