Single Line Engraving Fonts - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 🤔


That worked! Rendered fairly quick!

TY :slight_smile:


The Hershey plugin is more than that one font - it knows how to take a bunch of vector fonts designed by a guy named Hershey and use them in Inkscape for engraves. It’s intended for use on the Eggbot, but there’s no reason that the results couldn’t be used on a GlowForge for scoring fonts.

I love how the open source community solves problems.


I have not seen anyone here who uses it, but the tool “Sketch” for OSX ( has a simple tool

To convert any font into an outline. Some fonts are better than others for vector engrave, but I have been using this tool successfully inn my cuts.


Anything I can find that’s a) Free and b) runs on a Mac is a good thing!


It is Mac, it is NOT free :frowning: but it is a good value, at around $100 USD (Last time I got it)


I use Sketch for most work. Great app for Mac that, for me at least, does about 90% of what I used to to in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Sketch has inherited the forgotten Adobe Fireworks user base.