Single Line Engraving Fonts - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 🤔

That worked! Rendered fairly quick!

TY :slight_smile:

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The Hershey plugin is more than that one font - it knows how to take a bunch of vector fonts designed by a guy named Hershey and use them in Inkscape for engraves. It’s intended for use on the Eggbot, but there’s no reason that the results couldn’t be used on a GlowForge for scoring fonts.

I love how the open source community solves problems.


I have not seen anyone here who uses it, but the tool “Sketch” for OSX ( has a simple tool

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To convert any font into an outline. Some fonts are better than others for vector engrave, but I have been using this tool successfully inn my cuts.


Anything I can find that’s a) Free and b) runs on a Mac is a good thing!

It is Mac, it is NOT free :frowning: but it is a good value, at around $100 USD (Last time I got it)

I use Sketch for most work. Great app for Mac that, for me at least, does about 90% of what I used to to in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Sketch has inherited the forgotten Adobe Fireworks user base.

It seems like the AI script I had been using for Single Line Fonts stopped working on newer versions of CC. Thankfully I came across this page with its Inline Text Generator which seems to work pretty well, and gives more font options then the script used to. I’ve seen this site linked here in the forum for box-making, but not for OLF / SLF engraving fonts.


Nice! That one’s nice.
I use this one too: Text2Vector

Although lately I’ve been relying on, which has pretty much perfect support for single line fonts, in a tool that lets you do normal layout like a design tool.


Here is a site that sells all kinds of things. The link is for the results on single line fonts search. Sign up and get notifications when the have specials. I am on a dollar for a month special/unlimited downloads. Just remember to cancel before the end of the month.[type][0]=Fonts&query=Single%20line%20fonts


Have you found any of these fonts able to work in Illustrator? Or Inkscape? And produce true single-line shapes?

When I dug into this a bit it seemed like it was easy to find tons of fonts that are stylistically single lines… but when cutting or scoring are not really a single line.

And while I did find some true single line fonts, it seems like they usually don’t really work properly in Illustrator or Inkscape.

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Couldn’t tell you. I haven’t used those. I’m Too cheap for Adobe.

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