Single use 3D print "piggy bank"


I printed this bowl with four peaks and noticed hollows mid print, so I paused the print and added some change then finished the print :grin:

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending January 21, 2017

single use as in ad coins and break incase of emergency or you added a coin and its sealed in ?


The coins are captive due to the print. No more can be added. The print would have to be broken to reach the coins.


That’s a rather cool design concept for the bowl too! :relaxed:
(embedded coinage)


Modern ship in a bottle?
…Please print a ship in a bottle.


Sounds like a perfect candidate for:


Nicely done. I had a project a while back for printing eggs with trinkets inside them, but I could never get the tops of the eggs to print right (you have to mess with fill and bridging for the top few layers, and it just doesn’t look right).


The shape of eggs makes them hard to print…try the PLA+ filament. (Much nicer results!)

Review and couple pictures here:


Cool! Might do that. (I was thinking about printing in PETG, but then no one would be able to open it)


True dat! :smile:


There is that rubbery filliment now that would work :grimacing:


Soooo cool! Now make one with a metal 3d printer


I wish! Aren’t they around 1/4 million USD?


There’s some around $100k. I’ll go dig around the couch for some change.