Siser HTV

Is this the Siser stuff that’s ok to use on the GF? It doesn’t say on the pkg, and I tried looking at the Siser website, and that didn’t tell me anything. This is at Walmart.


It looks like that’s all the easyweave stuff, so yes.


Great, thanks!!


even better sale than the one at michaels.


When you go to individual material pages in the Siser website it says at the bottom of the page if the material is laser safe or not with a little icon. Flock specifically is not, contains PVC. Many of the others are.


To add some complexity, that appears to be dependent on the color:


Thanks. I finally called Siser NA because apparently the regular site I was on was different and it wasn’t giving me any information and I didn’t see any icons that showed it was laser-safe. I spoke with a woman named April in Customer Service (it’s great that they actually answer their phones!) and she told me I needed to go to, and select HTV under “Materials” and sure enough, there it was. Whew!

I suggested to April that as more and more people are using lasers now, in addition to Cricut, that she might suggest to whomever is in charge of labeling, that they might want to simply put on their product labels whether it is laser-safe. I told her that it would be great to tell at a glance if something is laser-safe, rather than having to check the website to tell, especially when they are in a store with the product right in front of them. She said that was a great idea and she would pass it on. (Seriously though, they hadn’t thought of that??)

Anyway, I am now a happy camper and plan to go back today and buy more. Whee!


You are all so dedicated, looking all this stuff up. I appreciate it!


Well I just spent $150 :woozy_face: on 14 more rolls of it, various colors and some “glitter” options (all laser-friendly per Siser website). I bought almost every color they had at our Walmart. Now I’d better use it!


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