Site with "Huge List" of links to files, tuts, & freebies

I have no affiliation with this site… I just now found out about it. There are a lot of links (several of which have been linked here before) with some that are new to me.


Tiny url is the worst. This is the site it’s trying to obscure:

I have removed the facebook(?) tracking garbage on the end for your convenience.

Now you can make a properly informed decision before you click.


Thanks! Now if you could just remove the annoying “subscribe” popup, too… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks! When I tried to post the url, I got a horrendously long one, so I went to tinyurl.

P.S. Some of the links on the site are bad. Don’t install any extensions, as one link asks.


This site doesn’t sound very friendly. So many “craft” sites try to take advantage of the relatively low technical literacy of the average crafter. I found site after site that was outright hostile to the user when I was into my cricut.

I would recommend installing privacy badger extension, it’s really good at stopping tracking systems.

For example, the front page of this site had ten different tracking systems that privacy badger blocked.

Something like msnbc or cnet can have 25-30. It’s crazy.


Yeah, I try to avoid msnbc. Picked up a bad malware there once by accidentally clicking on one of the ads they make up to look like news.

This looks like a good overview list. :slightly_smiling_face:


uBlock is another really good extension for blocking ads, trackers, etc.
Make most pages load a lot faster too.

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Drives me nuts when I’ve been on a site for .75 seconds and boom! there’s a pop-up saying “If you find this interesting, subscribe now.” Get out of my face so I can decide if it’s interesting!
It’s one of the grievous user experience fails on the web nowadays. So dumb.


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