Sitting lid box

What’s a sitting lid?

Google brings back some interesting results! :rofl:


I’ve seen some in the forum…it’s where the lid just sits down on top of the box but cut to fit into the corner.
Yes @eflyguy it does:-)

If you have a picture of a box that does what you want we might have more advice.

Do you mean like the Snap and Store box?


If so, just leave the box open and cut another piece a little smaller than the opening. You’ll need supports on at least two sides for it to rest on.

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No, more like this one… Four Different Boxes with Sitting Lids

Ah… unlikely you’d find that because those are “her speciality”.

Trivial to edit an existing box, however, to replicate…

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Okay, thanks. i like the way they fit but need other sizes and not sure how to edit them for size.

Heh, is “sitting lid” a real thing? I thought @crkjelstrom made it up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe she did but it’s a real thing now:-)


Now we know! :slight_smile:

(I had seen them before and like the idea, but had not added that term to my lexicon!)

If you need help with a design app on how to edit to make these, just post up. Plenty of expertise available!

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It’ll take some playing but I think you can get what you need by changing the finger size on any standard box generator. For example:

gets you:

You’d have to combine the sides/bottom of a more standard box, but as long as your overall dimension was the same that would be fairly trivial.

(this was:


I guess I need to do a write up of how I do this. Though it’s literally as simple as deleting the tabs I don’t want on the lid, then resizing it by -.012".


“it’s leterally as simple as” :slight_smile: very non vector, non engineer person here, plus newbie, add all that together and it’s very very sad…but getting there slowly so i think there’s hope!

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And, my desire is for one that is 16inches x 7 inches. If someone can explain ‘what’ i need to do i’ll certainly try!!

Which design app do you use?

Once you learn to do it, it’s definitely very easy. But I have been designing a while now so q fair amount is easy to me xD

I’ll write something up on my original thread for those who may want to do it themselves.


Thank you that would be awesome.

I have used and makeabox.

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It only feels slow at the beginning, with some fundamentals it comes quickly.
Personally, I chose Inkscape for vector design because it’s free. Besides the laser itself, learning a design program is the second-best investment you can make to propel you into this new world .

I was in exactly the same place, totally ignorant of anything CNC and lasers. This community taught me most of what I needed to be able to talk to the machine through design, so you are in the right place!


I have been in awe of the designers and people on here who have been so helpful. I’m using Inkscape now and at least i know how to do a few things. i do a lot of photography and photoshop has always been my ‘tool’ and i feel very comfortable with it…but i’ll learn. I try to pick one thing a year to really learn. This one will be my task for at least 2 years to get it where i’m comfortable with it. Thanks for the encouragement! It’s helpful!