Six Sided Pillow Box


I’m sure we’ve all seen the semi-rectangular pillow boxes with the curved tabs at the ends folded over each other.

Of course I’ve gotta take it a step further… Six sides baby! Ignore that score in the middle, I was pre-planning for a taco-shaped pillow box, that one didnt work out. :smiley:


Most excellent!! Please continue to attempt the taco shaped box…cuz…Well, you know… Tacos!! :yum:


Oh I just got it figured out, but it’s 180 degrees out of proper orientation LOL.

So, OK yeah that’s not really figured out I guess. LOL. I’m 'bout to hit the button on the first iteration. hahahaha!!


Very cool! I also want to see a tacobox. :grinning:


Your :glowforge: is on fire!!


It’s more like a bananapillow… :smiley:


You know you could make little disposable banananana (sorry got on a roll there) split containers for a picnic out of those. :sunglasses:


It’s probably the angle, but the third photo in your banana box series looks like a hull model. A nautical themed gift shop would find value in a hull model pillow box. Overall I think you’re having too much fun. :laughing:


Ok. I’m going to start making noise here. I love MakForge, but it’s just not capable of doing this low power work. I want my Forever Forge!

This is so cool.


Hahaha! I showed the bananananaboat to a family member today and was met with a sigh, and “You need to find a job.” :smiley:


That last photo looks a lot like a fry holder at Wendy’s. ha


I never thought I would want to do this, until…Pictures…



They just don’t understand your art!


Looks more like an anvil pillow, to me!


Yeah…it does look like that!


Hmm an anvil pillow… now there’s a product combination that might make a million if it could be figured out… “So soft you can sleep on it, So tough you can drop it on a coyote”


You should check out these two free resource books, they have a big assortment of packaging layouts, I have hand made a couple before and they work great, though looking forward to being able to laser cut them and avoid the tedious hand cutting and folding.




An interesting site to design free templates for various packaging…