Size changes from inkscape 1.1 to glowforge gui

I’m trying to set up an accurate cut using draftboard to make a template. Using inkscape 1.1, and drew a 1" square with a 0.1px outline, to check the burn width.

The measured size was 0.978", so that seemed reasonable, but as my micrometer is metric, I went back to the gui to check if I could make a new cut by using the onscreen ruler to adjust the size.
When I turned that on, it gave a size of my 1"test square object as 0.975in !!!
So, I went back to inkscape, and the size showed as 0.976".

Back to gui, and I used the ruler tool to set the square to 1", and re-cut.
Result 25.4mm x 25.38mm !

Any thought/comments ?

Start with a “document” in Inkscape that is the cut size of the glowforge.

that might fix that problem. make sure dimensions are in inches.

and how the heck do you have a metric micrometer?

well crap. I don’t have my GLOWBED template on my work computer. search around somebody will have the settings here on the forum to use.


Have always used a 20x12 document template, and never noticed this problem before. Just curious.
John :upside_down_face:

The rest of the world…pretty much… is metric. The bigger question is how the heck can you not have a metric micrometer? :cry:



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Also be sure you set the mode to measure the geometry and not the path. It’s the bounding box setting in inkscape.


You want the geometric bounding box. Here you go:


Is there an icon for hitting the nail on the head? Thanks.
I can see the difference, so ‘geometric’ it is.


Yeah the visual is handy if you need to make an engraving and are going to do stroke to path. In general I use geometric for 99% of my work.

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I say this but I grew up learning the imperial system and still have trouble converting some things to metric. Living in Canada we pretty much mix and mingle both imperial and metric which can be quite painful at times. You have to have both versions of every tool because you never know when an item your working on might have fasteners from either system. Even our grocery stores try to confuse us by showing the price per pound but charging us per kilo at the till. How messed up is that eh?


LOL, 'cause nuffin I measure is metric?

but seriously. I was in a machine shop for a couple of years making Hougen Manufacturing Mag Drills. so I got the calipers and micrometers back then.

I use the metric system at work in biomedical research, so I agree it is easy to work with. the conversions are the insane part. :slight_smile: I even drive past a couple of mi/km road signs going back and forth to work.

and I do have a set of metric sockets, impact sockets, and allen wrenches so I’m not totally in the stone age. LOL


i haven’t fired up BEAMER in ages. so I couldn’t remember for sure what the template size was. giving bad info is worse than no info :wink:

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