Skateboard Deck Up-cycle Artwork

Brother In Law was throwing out a couple of old Skateboard Decks. Shame we weren’t able to get the full deck into the Glowforge and had to cut it in half.

A second underwater themed deck is lasering now. Let me know if you want to see it when it’s done :slight_smile:


I’m sure it’ll be awesome like this one is. I like it!

Looking forward to seeing the next one too.


Turned out great, what are the boards made from? do any tests for chlorine?


They seemed to be made of out some sort of plywood. Did the copper wire test on a few parts, all good :slight_smile: thanks for the concern!


I used 1/8" Baltic Birch to do a Passthrough engrave that I glued to the board and routered the profile. Effectively just one more layer (well 3 plies) on the board.

The boards I was using had compound curves to the surface so I soaked the Birch in a bathtub for a couple of hours and then clamped to the skateboard with a dozen or so spring clamps. I put 1/4" dowels clamped down crosswise to get the BB to conform to the board shape.

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Jelly! We don’t have the pass through. But I love the idea of soaking the board to flatten it out :slight_smile:


Looking forward to seeing the under water design you’re working on.